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In case of any injury which is a result of another person’s, company or any other “person” as defined by law, there is compensation that both the federal and state laws stipulates. Such an injury could either be physical or physiological which is a direct or indirect act of negligence whether knowingly or unknowingly. Torts, which the subject of personal injury falls, are redressible by an act of unliquidated damages. It is therefore your right to compensation by the entity that caused the injury. There is no better representation in a court of other than at the hands of Weberman attorneys. It is their main goal to ensure that justice is served and that our client receives the compensation they deserve.

Our lawyers are highly experienced and posses both professional and interpersonal skills that has enabled them to see hundreds of cases resolved in favor of our clients. Once you visit our offices, you will receive a world class welcome that will soothe away the pain that you are currently going through. Here, the legal jargon which the court and defendant might use is simplified to straightforward and understandable terms. We have made it our duty and responsibility to ensure that the process will be no more emotional harm to you. This firm has been able to stand out from others in similar field because we prioritize on customer satisfaction rather than the convectional increase of profit employed by unscrupulous practitioners. We don’t see you as an opportunity to make money but as our esteemed client whom we should serve to our level best.

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Jance Weberman has expertise in dealing with various cases which are majorly centered on violation of personal rights such as assault, medical malpractice, police misconduct, labor or workplace discrimination, civil litigation, sexual harassment among others. After you represent the details of your case, he will analyze it carefully and explain to you our best to tackle it in time so that you are equipped during hearing. The lawyer commits his full potential and dedicates a lot of time to each and every individual case to make sure no matter how long it takes, at the end the law takes its course and that justice is fully served.
You are ever welcome to contact the Law Offices of Jance Weberman and book an appointment with him. Securing an appointment is quite easy and you will be in a position to see the attorney at the shortest time possible. Our offices are open to all people and we are usually committed to ensure that justice is served and that full compensation given in the event that your rights as an individual are violated

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