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When throwing a party for your child, you might prefer it to be both entertaining and educational. You will wish the party to be memorable to the youngster who will remember it for a lifetime. Having a cake and candles at a party is too mainstream to make such an event unforgettable. This is where the Critter Squad comes in.  We add spice to the party by literally setting up a zoo in the venue. We will bring a different taste to the party by giving a natural setting by having caged animals placed at certain points at the venue. The Critter Squad is not limited to your kid’s party but we also perform classroom shows, after-school classes, scouts events shows, camp events, and carnival events just to mention a few. In any event that you would like to have a different taste by introducing something out of the norm, The Critters Squad will be there for you.


The Critter Squad uses its wide knowledge of animals to liven up events and make parties more enjoyable. The company’s mobile zoo is assembled at strategic points at the venue which is well selected for each animal in order to completely blend in and bring out that natural scenery of a zoo. We have a variety of animals that we can bring to your event alongside our team which has rich knowledge and skills in handling the animals. Some of the animals that we have at our mobile zoo are a variety of snakes, small mammals, reptiles, and birds.

Getting our services is pretty simple. You call or email us for your booking and make the necessary payments. If you have personal preferences, you can go to our website and select the animals that you want to be brought to your event only. Our team will take over and plan all logistics and make the best out of the available space. We will place the various animals at carefully chosen points to make it even more vivid by giving the place a sort of natural scenery.

We recognize and appreciate our esteem customers hence after the first booking we usually give them a 10% discount. We really appreciate your reviews and recommending us to a friend lands you a 10% discount should the friend mention your name. Also, it is worth noting that our pricing depends on the events and the time that our mobile zoo will be out there. The charges are very friendly to your pocket and you will not strain in order to have that extra touch at your event. You can contact us any time of the day for any inquiries concerning our services and even bookings. Getting the best out of any event is our agenda and mission.



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