Susanna Beverly Hills Has a New Location

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Susanna Beverly HillsOf all of the fashion and design houses that are located in Beverly Hills today, few are as well-known as Susanna Beverly Hills. A fashion founded by Susanna Chung in 1976, over the years the store has built the reputation of supplying some of the most famous and influential women in the world with luxury, fabulous fashion designs. Susanna has steadily built her reputation from working with some of the elite celebrities in Hollywood to providing wardrobes and clothing for Fortune 400 executives, government officials, royalty and more. While the location of the store has always been found in Beverly Hills, it is only recently that Susanna Beverly Hills has a new location for its storefront.


The store is located in a prime location in Beverly Hills at 328 S. Beverly Drive, giving ideal access to all those that want to come to the store to see the latest designs available and be custom fitted for the perfect suit or outfit. Susanna’s designs are only available through the store itself, making them very exclusive to just the select few that come to the store. Susanna has a fantastic attention and eye for detail and can find just the ideal look for you, whether you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion, the ideal suit for office wear or a new business wardrobe to help make a statement.


When you shop at the store you can expect to get the attention you deserve as a customer. You will be personal fitted to make sure each item you have chosen is made to fit you specifically so it will be unlike any outfit that you may purchase at another store. Wearing a suit or outfit of this nature can be extremely empowering to you and make you feel more confident than you have before.


Even though Susanna Beverly Hills has a new location, the ethics and mindset of Susanna and her staff have not changed at all. You can still expect to receive the attention to your wants and needs that you deserve as you look for that ideal outfit or wardrobe. You will be glad you took the time to come to the new location so that you can see everything that is available to you and marvel at all of the wonderful designs that you will get the chance to wear.

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