Update Your Mustang Project with New Wheels

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Ever since you invested in the Mustang you have, you have been steadily making plans about changes, upgrades, repairs, and modifications you want to make so that you can have a Mustang that is special just for you. Most people do not make wholesale changes all at once because the cost of doing that can be quite prohibitive so you may want to consider which alterations are best for you to make and you can then do so gradually as you are able. If you are looking to update your Mustang project with new wheels, you will see you have some great options available to you here at Project 6GR.

Customize Your Ride with New Wheels
Adding new wheels and rims to your Mustang is a great way to customize your car. Here at Project 6GR, we know that finding just the right wheels for your ride is important to you so that you can have the look you want. That is why we have done extensive research, talking to Mustang owners like you to find what you are looking for the most from your wheels. With that information in mind, we have been able to create customized sets of wheels that are perfectly compatible with your car and will give you the style you want.
mustang project with new wheels

The Designs and Prices You Want for Wheels
When you are looking to start your Mustang project with new wheels, design and price are at the top of your list of considerations as you look at options. At Project 6GR, we have worked to make sure we can meet your needs for the best wheels possible. You have your choice of a wide variety of designs and finishes, including custom finishes that can give your Mustang the character you want. Best of all, the prices you find with us are very competitive and among the best on the market today for aftermarket wheels.

Get the Wheels You Want
As you undertake your project to add new wheels to your Mustang, make sure you see what we have to offer at Project 6GR. You can look at the selection we offer right here on our website so you can find the wheels you want. You can place a secure order with us online and get your wheels shipped to you so you can make the modifications you want, and if you ever have any questions you can call us at 888-714-7467, and we will be glad to assist you.

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