Read the Dramatic Sonny Arguinzoni Testimony and Discover the Story of His Life

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In modern religion, the ministers and pastors of the faith can seem very remote and many suffer from a tendency to look down upon the people that they are supposed to administer to. If you are one of the many who have lived a life full of sin, including violence or drug addiction, then you may be reluctant to confide in these religious types, fearing condemnation and rejection. For those searching for a religion that accepts, reading the pastor Sonny Arguinzoni testimony concerning his life before religion can make you feel less fearful when you approach him.

Sonny Arguinzoni Testimony

A Sinful Beginning

Like many of the people that he now seeks to aid, Sonny grew up with nothing, in a situation where the temptation to join neighbourhood gangs were strong, and there was little effective religion to guide his hand. As a teenager, he developed heroin addiction, and was then jailed frequently for gang affiliation and his drug habit. At this point, his testimony shows that he felt that there was little future for him, and it is only after incarceration and drug recovery that he started to see a new way of living.

A New Way of Living Life

Religion offered Sonny a new way to view the world around him, and to understand that God’s love is all-encompassing, and will not reject you even if you fall away from the righteous path. God only cares that you rediscover your faith, and dedicate yourself to leading a good life through that faith. At Victory Outreach, they have accepted God into their lives, and offer a guiding path back to the light for many have considered themselves lost, including drug addicts, prostitutes and gang members.

You Are Not Alone

Sonny has come a long way since he first rediscovered the Lord, and he believes that it is God’s will that he should seek out those who have suffered as he has, and bring them back to the love of Christ. Just like Sonny, you can change your life for the better by seeing that there are greater things all around you if you can look clearly and with an understanding of God. If you have been convinced by their Sonny Arguinzoni testimony pages to try their mission, then you should contact Victory outreach by either calling them on 909-599-4437, or sending thema message by emailing [email protected] now.

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