Mini Shot Belt: Big Amounts of Classy Fun

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Do you want to make your party a real party? Is it time to take your party to a new level? That’s what the Mini Shot Belt can do. We call it “The Ultimate Party Device” and, frankly, that’s not really hyperbole. It’s just a statement of fact. This belt has a proven track record of starting conversations, bringing people together, attracting admirers, and, most importantly, ensuring that plenty of folks has a good time.  

What Mini Shot Belt Is 

The name “min shot belt” really does cover it. This belt contains many “mini shots,” very small bottles of alcohol. They’re not quite as large as an actual shot glass, but they aren’t so minuscule that you’ll be unaware you consumed alcohol, either. One thing about these belts that surprises folks: they really are sturdy. Like, this isn’t some cheap party toy or anything of that nature. This is a real, sturdy belt that carries twelve small, full bottles of alcohol. You can take it anywhere you’re looking to have more fun. 

Bottles that Fit 

On our home page, you’ll find all of the different kinds of popular mixed drinks that you can carry in these bottles, but the truth is, if it’s a liquid you want to drink, these bottles can carry it. They’re perfect for straight liquor, for an “Irish car bomb,” or anything else that will make the party that much more a party. Speaking of making it more of a party, you can put anything you’d like on these bottles. We have plenty of designs to choose from, diamonds, buttons, pearls, and so forth. But, we can also put your pictures and messages on them, too. That way, you can provide a memento no one will ever forget (even if they absolutely do not remember the party). 


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