Is It Vital To Get Gifts for the Groom If You Are The Best Man?

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Gifts for the Groom

As chosen to be the groom’s best man, you must consider gifts for the groom. A joint gift from you and the other groomsmen may be presented during the bachelor party. It is a tradition. Then again, you may choose to do things differently for the groom, like giving him funky groom gear.

What Kind Of Gift?

In addition to the collective gift, you can also give something to the bride and groom. But this gift is presented during the wedding reception, and it is labeled to the bride.

How About A Funky Gift?

In a wedding, it is easy to forget that the bride is not the only one who likes a little romance. Sometimes, the groom also wants something for his wedding to set his mood for the day. But what to buy? You may ask. It may be funky but make sure that it reflects his hobbies. For example, if he is fond of football, you can buy him a season ticket with something extra. Now, if he is a fan of a certain band, you can purchase concert tickets so he could see the band’s live performance. But do not just present the tickets to him. You can give them to him along with a Laser engraved drink cooler. Or put it inside this cooler, so he will be surely surprised to see those tickets when he opens it.

Another great idea is a pair of sunglasses. But not just an ordinary pair. Make sure that it is usable, like a pair of sunglasses with a bottle opener at the end of the arm. With these glasses, the groom can wear them anytime, and he can use the bottle opener if he is stranded somewhere with a bottle of beer with no opener. On the other hand, if you want a more traditional gift, you cannot go wrong with a watch. A pocket watch, for example, is ideal for grooms who are an old-school type. But make sure to engrave his initials or the date of his wedding at the back of the watch. For a modern groom, however, you can go with a wristwatch and present it to him before the wedding day. Consider attaching a note with the exact time of the ceremony for a personal touch.

Gifts for the Groom


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