First Impressions on the Epsilon DJT-1300

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Epsilon DJT-1300

Epsilon is the latest DJ and Lighting company that offers a starter DJ package. The DJT-1300 is an excellent tool for all DJs who wish to have a professional method of mixing and scratching without having to break the bank. This turntable with USB output is available at Best Deals DJ. The Epsilon DJT-1300 has modifiable pitch range control along with the tonearm assembly and stronger motor. But it doesn’t have an adjustable start or stop brake. It also doesn’t come with motor speed adjustments that you can find on Super-OEM turntables. It’s enclosed in a plastic shell with reinforcing material found on the inside that feels like they can hold up to abuse.


Where To Get The Best Deal?

You can get Epsilon DJT-1300 at Best Deals DJ. Upon visiting the online store, make sure to browse the VIP Members Only products to avail of huge discounts on any products for DJs. At Best Deals DJ, you can find a wide array of products that you can use for your gigs. As you all know, anyone can be a DJ. But not all DJs are good. With the use of great turntables and other tools, you can be good at what you do. DJing isn’t just about playing good music. But it’s also about the use of the right tools and master the skills to make you the best DJ. You can never be a famous DJ if you only perform mixing, beat matching and digging for music.

When it comes to playing EDM or electronic dance music for the audience, you’ll need tools to give your audience a memorable live performance that allows them to dance the night away. However, your audience won’t appreciate what you do if you don’t provide them with beautiful lights that can further draw their attention. Best Deals DJ also offers lighting products, such as the DJ effect lights that can surely step up your DJ show. The lights are plug and play, so they are easy to use. Then, add a lighting stand to offer more value to the event. At Best Deals DJ, you can have a full list of DJ products that you can use in your events. All of them are affordable yet powerful materials that all DJs should have or add in their toolbox. And at reasonable rates, every tool is well worth every penny.

Epsilon DJT-1300

Visit the company’s site at to know more about its other products.

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