Want To Sell A Home In Silver Lake?

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Silver Lake is one of the most popular locations for those who like to keep themselves current. A thriving village within the city of Los Angeles, the beautiful Lake serves as a focus for buyer interest. With close proximity to famous locations such as Sunset Blvd, Melrose District, and Hollywood, homes in the area are likely to be snapped up by those working in the entertainment business. If you want to sell a home in Silver Lake, then we will be able to help you get a great price for your house.

Selling Near the Lake

The most popular location for buyers at the moment is close to the Lake, sometimes referred to as the Moreno Highlands. This is because the Lake itself is a tourist attraction, including walking trails, dog parks, and the Silver Lake Meadow. There are also popular locations along Hyperion Ave, which is known for its shopping spaces. The Boulevard will always be popular with residents, not least for its name, but the whole area is growing in popularity as musicians and personalities move further from the main Hollywood streets.


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Impressive Homes

Another reason for the popularity of Silver Lake is its impressive architecture, much of which remains in place from the early to mid parts of the twentieth century. At Tracy Do, we were lucky enough to sell a home constructed in the 1930s for more than $2m, although it was known as the home of Pauline Annon, which added to the real estate price. There are also mid-century homes built by famous names such as John Lautner, William Kesling, and Richard Neutra. Buyers keen to snap up some of these properties include writers, comedians and filmmakers, so well-known neighbors add to the attraction of homes in the area.

Want To Sell Your House?

If you want to sell a home in Silver Lake, then Tracy Do are the ideal representatives for you. We have sold many homes in the area, and get a good retail price. We think that the demand for homes in Silver Lake will only grow, so this is the perfect time for you to put your house on the market. We can answer any questions you have when you fill in our Work with us form, or you could call us on (323) 842-4001 and discuss your real estate sales options with our team today.


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