Successful Brands Use the Right Supplier of Non Woven Polyester Fabric

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It’s clear that choosing the right supplier of non-woven polyester fabric is vital to companies that want to succeed. But the choice of suppliers is dizzying. Thus, it’s vital for companies to take time to research well. And when they do, they always end up with Pacific Upholstery Supply.

High-Quality Non-Woven Polyester Fabric: A Good Fit for Business

When manufacturers need fabrics for their products or collections, they want to find a supplier that’s a good fit for their business. If they want a US-based fabric supplier, they turn to Pacific Upholstery Supply. The company specializes in fabric manufacturing, converting, and many others. Pacific knows the manufacturing business and it understands its clients’ ideas. It also has specialized equipment to convert the fabric into a more useful form. These are the converting services it offers:

  • Custom slitting
  • Re-rolling
  • Perforation
  • Paneling
  • Private labeling
  • Laminating

Grow with the Clients

It’s difficult to forecast how much the business of a company will grow. But one thing is for sure. Pacific’s business is scalable. Investopedia describes scalability as “a company’s ability to grow without being hampered by its structure or available resources when faced with increased production.” When Pacific’s clients expand, they don’t have to worry about stock availability. Pacific can provide them with no issues.

How the Fabric is Manufactured?

Pacific manufactures its fabric depending on the needs of its clients. For instance, if the client is in the packing industry, manufacturing the non-woven is different from manufacturing the fabric used in the food processing business. In other words, the Pacific makes fabrics for different kinds of applications. For over 7 decades, the company know how to make materials that are best for certain applications. To know its complete collection, call Pacific Supply for further details.

What Other Non Wovens are Available?

There are many types of non-wovens and the Pacific offers various types. Besides polyester fabric, Pacific also offers the following:

  • Spunbond polypropylene
  • Spunbond polyester
  • Flatbond polyester
  • Needlepunch Polypropylene
  • Needlepunch polyester
  • Stitchbond polyester

It also has PPE fabrics to make face masks and gowns.

Where are Non-Wovens Being Used?

The manufacturing industry is dependent on non-wovens. The fabric can be applied in the following ways:

  • Furniture construction
  • Bedding construction
  • Air filtration
  • Protective packaging
  • Food Processing
  • Erosion control
  • Agricultural crop cover
  • Many more

Does Pacific Offer Roofing Fabric?

Yes, it does. Roofing fabric is gaining in popularity. More and more homeowners are opting for it. Hence, roofing contractors need a high supply of roofing fabric because it’s economically viable. It’s more beneficial than felts. It’s superior because of its tensile strength and elongation capacity. Plus, it’s easy to handle and install.

Supplier of Non Wovens and Other Fabrics

There’s no need to go and look for the right supplier of non-woven polyester fabric. Pacific can offer companies or manufacturers the highest quality non-wovens for whatever applications they desire. Plus, they can use the value-added services provided by the company. Find out more about these services here: (323) 321-2222

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