Twill Fabric vs Plain Weave

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Cotton twill is one of the most popular types of textile weaves. What people don’t realize is that this fabric is all around. It has a range of uses. Thanks to its durability. And when manufacturers are looking for high-quality twill fabric, they talk to Pacific Upholstery Supply. They know that it’s the only company that offers them this fabric at a great price without compromising the quality.

Creating Harder-Wearing Textiles with Twill Fabric

This type of fabric is used to be printed. Some businesses need it to be woven or be mixed with yarn to show designs in the weave. Depending on how it is woven, this fabric has a double-sided pattern.

What to Pick: Twill Weave or Plain Weave

Twill is a tightly-packed weave, which makes it stronger than plain-woven fabric. It has a simple diagonal pattern while plain weave has a simple perpendicular pattern.

The Fabric Weights

Another consideration when looking for twill fabric is the weight. It’s available in different weights. Lightweight cotton twill can be used in many everyday items, like pet accessories, table linens, and tote bags. Companies that need to make denim and chino are opting for heavier twills.

What Fiber to Make Twill?

It can be made from natural or synthetic. The most popular twill is made from wool, silk, polyester, and cotton. They are all available at Pacific Upholstery Supply. Cotton twill is a great option when making jeans and chinos. But some companies are using it to make home furnishings, such as curtains and throws.

The Polyester Twill

Compared with cotton twill fabric, polyester is softer. Some upholsterers utilize it for their projects because of the fabric’s moisture-wicking characteristic.

Where to Source Affordable Twill Fabric?

LA upholsterers and furniture makers choose to do business with Pacific Upholstery Supply to provide them with not just high-quality fabric but also affordable upholstery supplies. For over 7 decades, the company has been serving designers and manufacturers throughout the US. Companies have turned to Pacific every time they need quality twill fabric and other upholstery supplies.

What Other Textiles are Available?

Furniture is available in different sizes, styles, and forms. Hence, when browsing the products provided by Pacific, companies can find a huge variety of textiles. They are designed to be of outstanding quality. The supplies are made to last long. When companies choose to obtain their supplies from the Pacific, they can guarantee their clients the products are durable and of high quality.

In addition to twill fabric, Pacific also offers the following textiles:

  • Polyester
  • Muslin
  • Jute
  • Spunelle
  • Vinyl and moisture barriers
  • Fire barriers

Accessories and Hardware

Pacific doesn’t only offer textiles but it also provides different accessories and hardware needed for any type of project. Remember that accessories can transform any furniture project from good to great. With the right accessories or hardware, companies can add a classic flair to any piece project they are making.

Contact Pacific Upholstery Supply today to know more about its twill fabric and other upholstery supplies: (323) 321-2222

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