Healthcare Architecture Firm to Design Doctor’s On-Call Room that Encourages Sleep

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Resident doctors are typically overworked. They have to work up to 36 hours per shift in a hospital.

Healthcare Architects in Los Angeles Recommend Having Windows in Hospitals

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Hospital confinement may sometimes feel that you’re in jail. Some people would even consider it as worse than

Healthcare Architecture to Make On-Site Oases

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Garden spaces used to be part of healthcare facilities. But as technology and science advanced, hospitals changed their

Masterplans Architecture Firm’s Take on Automation: Will It Destroy Architecture?

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You might have heard about self-automation in the car manufacturing community. Automation is indeed our future. But should

Medical Architecture Firms Adding Plants to Designs

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RBB Inc. is one of the No one can refute how greenery affects employees’

Los Angeles Architecture Firms That Make the Best Buildings

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For many people, a building is just a building. However, if you apply good architecture in a building,

RBB Architects’ Role in the Healthcare Industry and Beyond

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Design is one of the aspects that can be easily under-budgeted, but RBB Architects

Residential Treatment Centers in Los Angeles with a Healing Community

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We know that there are no shortage of

An Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles to Start and Continue a Lifelong Journey

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Going into an

Thinking about Filing for Bankruptcy? Let KE Law help you.

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful process, especially if you aren’t sure how it affects you and