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Many roofing contractors are moving away from traditional felts. More and more, durable and long-lasting material, polyester roofing fabric is becoming more popular. This is a great alternative for repairs and installation of material when you are working on a roof.  It is also more cost-effective than simply using traditional felt. There are several advantages to choosing this fabric from among the different options you may have. You should speak to Pacific Supplies about their material options when you want to get the best fabric possible for the roof you are working on. Pacific Supplies deal with roofing contractors every day, so you should be happy to let them know what you need.

Why Not Conventional Felts?

Contractors in the roofing trade may have been trained to use conventional felting material when repairing or installing a roof. But this fabric has been shown to not meet the needs of a modern customer. Roofing felt can break down much more quickly than polyester fabric. There is also the risk that the felt may not provide the same level of insulation and protection from water as the more modern polyester. In fact, to any casual observer, it might seem as though the polyester fabrics are superior in almost every respect. It has better tensile strength, is more flexible and adaptable to fit older roofs, and is better able to harmonize with paint coatings, asphalt, or cold-process coatings.

This means that the roof will be better able to hold the materials you use over it.  In turn, giving you more customer satisfaction and the knowledge that you have made a durable, sustainable roof.

Other Advantages

Polyester fabric is much stronger. The fabric can resist temperature changes, rainfall, and the application of roofing materials. It can withstand emulsion and asphalt, but it is also easy to install and position when you are working on the roof. You do not have to worry about the material folding over itself, wrinkling, or otherwise deforming when you use it. This means that it is much easier to place, and you do not have to spend hours adjusting every inch of it. Just place it onto the roofing area, and go. You save time and money, and your customer is also pleased with the end result. With Pacific Supplies’ help, you can get easy access to this material and make your roofing life easier.

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Contact Pacific Supplies Now

When you are ready to start using polyester roofing fabric in your next contract job, you should reach out to Pacific Supplies. Pacific Supplies are the experts in providing their clients with high-quality non-woven materials, so with their help, you can make the best use of their products, and do away with traditional felts entirely. Let Pacific Supplies show you their range of roofing fabrics designed to replace traditional materials, and talk to them about your roofing needs. Pacific Supplies can help you to find exactly what you want for your job, so contact them today using their online form, or call Pacific Supplies (323) 321-2222 now. 


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