Is Polyester Woven Fabric Stretchy?

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Polyester woven fabric is durable, handy, and long-lasting. And yes, it’s stretchy. By nature, it’s soft and elastic. It also dries quickly. Because of its properties, the roofing industry opts for this material to be used as reinforcement in roofs and decks. The high-strength properties of this material allow it to conform to irregular smooth surfaces.

What are the Main Properties of Polyester Woven Fabric?

This type of fabric is similar to cotton. It’s durable and lightweight. This fabric is stretchy so it retains its shape, even when heated. It’s not sensitive to microorganisms and sunlight. Although it wrinkles, it doesn’t wrinkle as much as natural materials do. It’s not just easy to care for but it’s also washable. It also dries quickly.

Why Polyester Woven Fabric is a Great Material for Upholstery?

It’s not the only material available. But it’s one of the options available at Pacific Upholstery Supply. This fabric is used for loose covers or fixed upholstery. It’s an ideal choice to cover chairs and sofas. It also comes in different colors. Because of its properties, it’s an ideal material to recover a tired chair or sofa. This fabric is also used to upholster headboards, pelmets, and other items.

Is Polyester Roofing Fabric a Popular Choice?

The roofing industry has embraced many popular alternatives to protect and repair the roof. One of these alternatives is polyester. As mentioned, this material is one of the top options in the roofing industry because it’s economically viable. One reason is its tensile strength.

Tensile strength is defined as the force needed to break the rubber band when being stretched. The higher the tensile strength of the material, the better it is for the roof as it allows the fabric to absorb the hail and other impacts without failing. A roof experiences large temperature swings. These swings cause the roof to breathe. With high tensile strength, the material allows the roof to move without failure.

Where to Find Polyester Woven Fabric in California?

Pacific Upholstery Supply is the go-to upholstery shop of most mattress constructors and furniture makers. The company has plenty of options when it comes to polyester fabric. The options being offered here are made of high-quality materials.

If clients need to convert traditional woven textiles into different sizes or shapes, they can use Pacific Upholstery’s converting services. It has a state of the art converting equipment that can convert polyester fabric and other materials into different sizes or shapes.

This upholstery shop offers the best materials for any type of project. It takes pride in the durability and strength of its woven and non-woven fabrics and other upholstery supplies. In addition to polyester woven fabric, Pacific Upholstery Supply also offers poly-cotton twills, 100% polyesters, burlap, muslins, vinyl, and 100% cotton ducks and canvas. For a complete list of textiles and fabrics at Pacific, please visit here or call (323) 321-2222.

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