A Culture of Streetwear, A Culture of Humanity

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Have you been looking for streetwear that represents who you are? When you look at the current culture streetwear, do you see something that’s had all of the culture drained out of it so that it feels like you’re only looking at something corporate? If so, you aren’t alone. Indeed, that’s part of what caused us to design Les Fantome Palette in the first place. Here, you can find the kind of streetwear that fits your style no matter where you are.

A Word on Where Les Fantome Palette Comes From

As you probably know, “Les Fantome Palette” more or less translates to “the ghost palette.” A while back, we contributed to a write-up about our clothing which included the line that we drew most of our “inspiration from moments of liminality when emotions are at their peak and ideas are released, distorted, and fragmented on canvas.” We believe that clothing should contain real emotion, nothing forced or artificial. That’s in everything that we offer.

Read more about culture streetwear at Les Fantome Palette.

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