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Do you want the absolute best designer handbags? Is there an event coming up in your life that you want the most fashionable Louis Vuitton bag for? That doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, nor do you have to spend your entire mortgage just to get the bag that you want. Those are just some of the reasons that we created our designer handbag rental site. Here, you can find all of the handbags you want from the biggest names in the industry. Moreover, we’ve made the process as easy as possible in many ways.

Find Your Favorite Handbag From Anywhere

We know that so many of us are busy, always on the go. How often do you really get to sit down in front of your desktop computer at home and look for the beautiful handbags you want? Exactly. So, we made our site completely optimized for mobile devices. That means that you can use our site from practically anywhere. Thus, you’ll be able to rent the handbags you want from any location at any time. Browse during downtime at work, then rent the bag while you’re at the park, or in line at the bank- it’s up to you.

Check Out Quickly and Easily

The check-out process is as simple as can be. All you have to do is: pick the handbag that you have your eye on. Then, provide the basic information that we’re asking for (which is not much). After that, you’ll go through a very simple and small credit check. Now, this is not the kind of credit check that will, in any way, adversely affect or hurt your credit score. It’s just something that we have to do before we rent someone a bag (as you might imagine). Then, voila! Your bag is on its way.

Once the Bag Arrives

You’ve got the bag! Or, perhaps more specifically, you’ve got the box with the bag in it. From there, you’re going to want to cut the zip tie that’s on the outside of the ship/return box. Very important: if you’re in any way unsatisfied with the order, do not remove the tag. We only accept returns if the tag hasn’t been removed. Even then, you have to get it back to us within two business days. Open the box and, as the inner lining says: “Hello Enjoy!”

Sending the Designer Handbag Back to us

When the time comes to return the bag to us, we make that process easy, too. All you have to do is to empty everything of yours (and we mean everything) out of the bag. Then, put the handbag in the dust bag and put the tag inside the ship/return box. Take the provided return label and stick it over the original label. Then, secure everything with the unused zip tie that you’ll find inside the box. We have a video on our site if there are any questions. You can find the bag you want right here!

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