Which Is Worse: Booze Or Weed?

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Booze or weed can affect your body in different ways. But both can change your brain, behavior, and heart. When finding out which one is worse, scientists are also looking into the factors on how likely are you to get hooked. It is also a challenge for the best drug rehab programs.

In a study, it showed that cannabis or weed was not as dangerous as alcohol. Thousands of Americans died because of alcohol. Most of them are drinking-related homicides and accidents. Marijuana, on the other hand, has no related deaths, if used alone.

Alcohol contributed to millions of deaths in the world. In that case, one person dies every 10 seconds because of booze.

Although it seems that alcohol can cause a lot of trouble than weed, it does not mean that you have to choose weed over alcohol. Keep in mind that the effects of alcohol on the body have been studied for decades. Cannabis studies, on the other hand, are murkier. That’s probably because it is generally illegal.

And before you take marijuana or alcohol, you have to consider that both can get you addicted, put you at risk of cancer and may affect your mental health. They may also cause weight gain.

Which Is Worse Booze Or Weed

Compared with alcohol, marijuana is less addictive. Out of thousands of Americans who are addicts, most of them are addicted to alcohol while a small percentage is addicted to weed.

Furthermore, alcohol is linked to some types of cancer while marijuana is not. Alcohol may cause mouth or liver cancer. Some studies suggested that smoking and lung cancer were linked to marijuana use. However, they have since been debunked.

Regarding memory, both alcohol and marijuana can affect your memory, although in different ways. But the effects are felt for frequent or binge users.

Furthermore, both weed and booze are linked to a psychiatric disease. If you’re a weed user, psychosis and schizophrenia are common. Alcohol, on the other hand, puts frequent users at risk of developing depression and anxiety.

In other words, both booze and weed can affect you negatively. If you think that you have become addicted to either or both of them, you should consider getting help.

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