What to Look for in Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

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Not every person that needs treatment for an alcohol addiction needs to be in a residential facility. While being part of a residential program is crucial to some individuals to work towards a successful recovery, others may only require outpatient assistance, allowing them to get the help they need to work towards sobriety while staying at home and going to work or school. If you are looking for an outpatient alcohol treatment facility following a residential program or as a treatment option, there are some characteristics you want to seek out as critical parts of a successful program.

A Center with Varied Programs

While many outpatient programs focus solely on the twelve-step formula for treatment, other facilities may offer different programs that can be more beneficial to you. Look at the types of programs and therapies available to you for treatment at the various centers so you can see which appeals to you most. While some may be comfortable or find greater success with a twelve-step program, others may do well where there are options for group therapy, couples’ therapy, family therapy, and one-on-one therapy.

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Location of a Treatment Center

The location of any outpatient alcohol treatment center you consider is also essential. You want to be sure that the facility you select is one that you can get to easily from work, home or school. If you choose a place that is a far distance or takes you long to travel to, you may be less likely to show up to get the support you need right now. A place closer to you gives you greater convenience and makes it more likely that you will attend your sessions.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you are seeking outpatient alcohol treatment in the San Jose area, consider going to  Summit Estate Recovery Center. They have outpatient treatment programs that will give you the personalized care that you will benefit from the most. Read more about their outpatient programs on their website or call (866) 679-9855 for more information about their services and how you can become part of their program and start or continue your recovery efforts. If you have an inquiry, would like to receive some brochures or would like some more information about their services but it is not urgent, you can send them a message using their online contact form and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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