What Is A Vessel Certificate Of Documentation?

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For many small boat owners, their first query is “What is a vessel certificate of documentation?” This is a typical question since the documentation process is tricky and daunting.

Documentation is a kind of registration that registers your vessel with the USCG. It demonstrates that you’re permitted to utilize your boat in U.S. commerce.

However, you may be wondering what this all implies. Documentation offers you a title for your boat inside the national (federal) system vs. the state system.

This implies, for example, that when you purchase a boat that does not have paperwork and go to register it in New York State, they will inform you that it already has a certificate of documentation.

If it doesn’t, NYS will demand a set amount of safety equipment aboard the boat before restoring it to service.

Vessels in the GT/GL trade must adhere to Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 67. They must be documented via the National Vessel Documentation Center in an application process that may take up to 6 months from when a vessel submits its application.

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