What Are the Benefits Of A Commercial Tree Service In Los Feliz?

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Many parts of Los Angeles, including the neighborhood of Los Feliz, have a large number of trees and other green plants. It can be hard for amateur gardener to keep their yard tidy when they have a lot of greenery, as the city knows well. The departments responsible for maintaining street trees in LA, according to one audit “spent approximately $49 million on tree maintenance activities in FY2017-18”. No single homeowner will spend that much when they hire a commercial tree service in Los Feliz, but it still makes sense to find out what benefits to expect from tree maintenance projects. Castillo Landscaping and Tree Service can help homeowners to understand how they can benefit from hiring an expert tree trimming team.

Keeping Trees Healthy In LA

Maintaining trees and ensuring that they are in a healthy condition is a lot of work for one person, so it makes sense to bring in someone to help maintain a yard or larger garden area. Commercial tree help, including caring for sick trees, trimming overgrown trees, and generally ensuring that the trees on a property are in good condition, is an essential tool for keeping any outside spaces healthy. It can be even more important when the house is in a fire risk area, as the homeowners may be obliged to maintain trees and remove dead or overgrown branches. Failure to do so can risk fines and other charges, so this must be done correctly after the fire marshals have instructed the property to be cleared. Worse, failing to maintain trees could make homes more vulnerable to fire damage in the future.

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