Ways Online Dentists Can Help You With a Toothache

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You are going about your day, running errands, when an unexpected sharp pain stabs your mouth–the familiar agony of a toothache. As you try to power through the discomfort the rest of the day, the pain is just unbearable. For moments like this, we provide 24/7 dental assistance at the touch of your fingertips.

Why 24/7 Dental Is Helpful

Amidst staff shortages and strict max capacities during the pandemic, it can be even more difficult to schedule a dentist appointment than it was pre-pandemic. Open appointments can be sparse and slots can be booked weeks to months in advance. And for new patients, waitlists can be long and slow-moving. Needless to say, this all makes seeing a local dentist quite frustrating when your teeth feel bothersome. By using a 24/7 dental app, you can speak to a qualified dentist about your toothache immediately, and at any hour of the day.

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