To the Old School Smokers Looking for ‘Pot Stores Near Me’: Head to Roots!

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If you typed ‘Pot Stores Near Me’ in your search engine, you may be an old-school smoker looking for some old-school strains. Old School Strains typically include OGs, Kush strains, and of course some classic sativas. Although many old-school smokers are happy to see ‘pot’ has been legalized after so many years of illegally smoking, many feel a kind of nostalgic attachment to their old classic strains that are hard to come by nowadays. Despite this, Roots Dispensary has managed to provide customers with a wide selection of their favorite classics making it a reliable spot for our old school smokers. Although research suggests that “THC levels in weed have [greatly] increased since the ’60s,” many old school smokers still argue that the weed back then was incomparable. The natural flavors and aromas of a classic Blue Dream make the THC content irrelevant to these smokers. Roots Dispensary has made sure the selection of classic strains is up to par with the old-school smoker’s taste and expectations.

What Are Old School Strains?

Old School strains are typically considered classic ‘parent’ strains to many of the new and popular weed strains sold today. These strains typically include indica crosses of OG Kush and classic sativas. Below are some old-school strains offered at Roots Dispensary.

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