The Power of Panax Ginseng Extract

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Panax ginseng extract is powerful indeed. This kind of ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. For hundreds of years, people have used this ginseng to get more out of their daily lives. Today, there are so many places online that offer this ginseng, it’s impossible to list them all. However, like everything you put into your body, you want to have the best version of it. Through a bit of research, you’ll find that Formula168 uses the best version of this ginseng in their Atomic Energy supplements.

The Power of Panax Ginseng Extract

Panax Ginseng Extract Energy There’s a reason that Formula168 put Panax ginseng extract in their supplement called “Atomic Energy” – it fits right in. This ginseng is a perfect fit for all of the other energy boosting ingredients in the supplement. Containing “ginsenosides,” which is the name of the natural plant compounds with act like steroids but are completely safe, this ginseng contributes to give you more energy that you might have had otherwise. Your body responds to the natural, organic ingredients by feeling more energetic than ever.

More than Energy Supplements

Panax ginseng extract can do so much more than provide you with an additional source of energy. Research has shown that it can help to boost mental function in some people. The studies have shown this is particularly true for people who are around middle-aged. That way, even folks that maybe get a little more tired faster than they used to can get that mental boost to have a great day both at work and at home. Even better still, there is some evidence that Panax can help to reduce dementia in some folks who have cognitive disabilities, but more research is needed.

Supplements for Men

Panax ginseng extract has a lot of health benefits to offer both men and women. However, this extract has some health benefits that it can offer exclusively to men. For hundreds of years, people have believed that ginseng can help to increase men’s sexual performance. There is some evidence that it can improve a man’s erection after taking it for some time. Regardless of that, men can certainly benefit from the energy boost that this ginseng provides when taken in the Atomic Energy supplements.

Best Place to Get Energy

What makes Atomic Energy from Formula168 so great is that it combines all of the best ways for people to get more energy in one easy to take the package. For example, you can get everything that the Panax does here, but you’ll also get the caffeine boost (and more) of green tea extract. On top of that, the vitamin B-12 will mix with the organic green coffee bean powder for an energy boost that doesn’t rise and go away; it keeps you energetic literally the entire day through. Instead of crashing just when you need the energy most, call (855)981-6888 or go to the Formula168 site to see what Panax ginseng extract can do for you.




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