The Most Common Types Of AC Repair In Los Angeles

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If there is one thing that you definitely don’t want to break at home in the middle of the summer, it is your air conditioning system! Air con can be the difference between spending a comfortable day at home or a hot, sweaty one, and we definitely know which one we would prefer! In a city like Los Angeles, it is fair to say that more people have AC than don’t, and that means that at any given moment, someone’s day is about to be ruined by a technical fault! To give a better picture, here are some of the most common types of AC repair in Los Angeles.

A repair To Replace The Refrigerant

Your AC unit cannot function without the right amount of refrigerant. The level starts to decrease when the compressor has a leak, and this stops the flow of cool air which is essential for the proper function of the system. When we replenish these levels and fix the leak, your unit will be back to perfect working order.



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