The Foundation of Mattress Construction

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Are you looking for the right materials for your mattress construction? When it comes to constructing your mattresses, are you unwilling to settle for anything less than the best? At the Pacific Upholstery Supply company, they’ve been offering their clients the very best in materials for a very long time. They understand how important mattresses are to you and your customers, which is why they do everything they can to be able to meet the demand for the best mattress materials. To that end, they’ve supplied manufacturers with the best in mattress materials for decades.

Advancements: Non-Wovens

Most folks understand traditional fabric – it’s woven together long strands of fiber. As you might imagine from the name, “non-wovens” are essentially the opposite of that. For one, they aren’t “woven” together at all. Instead, they’re bonded using chemical solvents, extreme heat, or any number of other materials. Additionally, they aren’t lengthy stands – they’re short ones. The idea is that they’re made to be as durable as possible. This makes sense, as they’re a mainstay of industrial services, manufacturing, and others.

Non Wovens: Premium Mattress Construction Materials

One of the major strengths of non-wovens (particularly when compared to traditional fabrics) is their, well, strength. For the most part, they can withstand weight up to a higher amount than you might think without breaking, fraying, and so forth. This can make them invaluable, as you might imagine, in terms of mattress construction. So, they can handle the constant use that a mattress withstands. As you might imagine, with all of that durability, they’re also resistant to water as well as fire and heat, too. Beyond that, they also keep springs’ pointy ends from poking through. They can aid with the construction of mattresses in any number of ways.

Top Quality Non-Wovens

The Pacific Upholstery Supply company started making materials for industrial manufacturers more than six decades ago. In that time, fabrics, woven and non-woven, have advanced far beyond what would have seemed possible at the time. Today, they’re able to offer materials like stitchbond polyester, needle punch polyester, needle punch polypropylene, flat bond polyester, spunbond polyester, and spunbond polypropylene that’s far beyond what was available just a few years ago. That said, they aren’t stopping there. That’s what they offer today. The Pacific Upholstery Supply is always refining our products so that they can offer something even better tomorrow.

More than Non-Wovens

Don’t get the idea, just because this blog discussed at length the virtues of non-wovens, that there’s anything wrong with wovens. Indeed, the Pacific Upholstery Supply company carries plenty of traditional woven accessories, tools, textiles, and more. Moreover, they’ve done that for some time, too. That said, wovens and non-wovens are just some of what they offer. You can find any number of upholstery supplies at their site that can help you to make your products that much better. You can see the entire catalog here or talk to a member of their staff at (323) 321-2222.

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