Starting Out Your Mustang Project

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You are the proud new owner of a Mustang, and you couldn’t be happier. While the car itself may not be in the best condition to start with, you know with some TLC and hard work you can transform the vehicle into something you are proud to share on the roadways, your driveway, and in car shows. Now that the car is at your home or with your trusted mechanic and ready for your renovations, it is time for you to think about where you are going to start. Starting out your Mustang project can be exciting, but make a plan before you begin, so you know what to do.

 Your Mustang Project
Plotting Out Your Project

Now is a good time for you to sit down and figure out what the most pressing needs for the car are. Ask yourself: what do you want to do with the car? Make a list of work you know the car is going to need, like engine or exhaust work, body work, interior work, and other areas. You can then prioritize what you want to have done and focus on each repair or renovation in stages. Planning this way can help you get work done and lets you stay within what budget you may have for your car.

Cosmetic Mustang Changes

Your Mustang project is naturally going to include cosmetic changes that you want to make. Perhaps you plan to have the car painted so that you can give it a whole new look in red or black. You may want to work on restoring the car to its natural look and color. So, you may want to look around for accessories and older parts to help with your restoration. You can include these cosmetic changes on your list, and perhaps even create a “wish list” for things that aren’t necessities but changes you would like to make.

Mustang Wheels are at Project 6GR

Part of your Mustang project will likely be upgrading or changing the wheels. At Project 6GR, they can provide you with all the help you need. They have fantastic wheel options that you will love, and you will find you can customize your wheels in many ways when you shop with them. To see the options they have available, look at the pages on their website so you can find wheels that fit your style and budget. You can also call them at (888)714-7467 to get help choosing the best wheels for your Mustang.

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