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Managing your sobriety efforts can be difficult for you at times. Whether it is a court-mandated effort, conditions of a workplace program or treatment program, or just for your own peace of mind and confidence, you still need to find the time to make it happen and get the testing done. Methods used for testing are often far from convenient for most people, making you drive to a lab to get testing, where you may need to wait for the test and interrupt your day. There are better ways to do all of this today with our device from Soberlink. You can read Soberlink reviews to see just how well it works for others and how it can help you.

A Unique Device

For those that may not be familiar with Soberlink, Soberlink is a portable sobriety management device that allows for easy, accurate, and discreet testing. The handheld device allows for secure testing through our facial recognition system to make sure it is a valid test. Testing takes just a matter of moments, so there is no waiting around at laboratories for tests to occur. The results are sent out over the use of a private network to our web portal so that the information can be stored and added to your personal report. We can send out text alerts to you or other important contacts regarding your schedule for testing and your results, so everything is easily tracked.


Positive Feedback about the Device

When you take a look at some of the Soberlink reviews, you can read for yourself the positive feedback and results in thousands of users have experienced over time. You can find reviews by those in the medical field, directors at treatment centers and facilities, recovery experts, and more, all who praise the device for its accuracy. Clients that make use of the Soberlink device give it very high marks and state how it can help them stay the course in their recovery efforts so that they are more likely to succeed.

Read More About Us

You can get all of the information you seek about our device and how well it works and learn how you can get a device for yourself to assist you with sobriety management and monitoring in the most effective way possible.

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