Does Residential Treatment Work For Young People?

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Young individuals can benefit from undergoing residential treatment at Vogue Recovery Center. They are not only treated for substance use but also their mental health disorders. When they seek treatment, they’re not only saving their lives and others but they’re also saving the healthcare system of the government.

The cost of treatment when you seek residential treatment can be high. But the cost is nothing compared to the benefits you get when you’re fully recovered.

What is inpatient or residential treatment?

It is a kind of treatment that occurs when a patient is treated for some condition, and he remains in the facility during the treatment period.

If you choose to undergo residential treatment, you’ll be sleeping eating and performing some activities within the facility. In that case, you need to put on hold some of your daily activities.

Residential treatment has similar rates of success as an outpatient. But inpatient drug rehab offers some advantages over outpatient treatment program.

This program can vary in length. Most program have a minimum period of 30 days. To determine the length of the program, specialists have to evaluate the patient’s alcohol use disorder.

During the initial phase of recovery, you need to get rid of the alcohol or substance of your substance. In this phase, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. That’s why we always recommend not to stop drinking on your own. Medical detox is always the best choice to help flush out drugs and alcohol from your system.

Does Residential Treatment Work For Young People

Withdrawal process can be overwhelming to some. And there is a high risk of relapse. The symptoms can be very uncomfortable.

When you undergo inpatient program, all your symptoms are monitored and managed so that you become comfortable. With continued supervision, you get the medical intervention that you need to address your cravings, emotional issues and symptoms related to your withdrawal.

Because you’ll be in a treatment facility, it is difficult for you to obtain alcohol or drugs. And that itself can help you in the recovery process.

While you stay in the facility, you will be interacting with other people who are also experiencing the same issues as you. It allows you to build a relationship and bond with them, which can be useful in your withdrawal and recovery process.

Furthermore, the inpatient management program at Vogue is structured so that you are distracted by issues that might lead to relapse.

If you think that you need a residential treatment for your addiction or someone you know may benefit from our inpatient program, please call us at (888) 504-6904.

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