RBB Architects’ Role in the Healthcare Industry and Beyond

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RBB Architects distinguish themselves from other architecture firms in terms of their commitment to their specialized craft. They are committed to their main industry: healthcare. Not only do their projects focus on exquisite design, but also planning and programming. Not everyone realizes how important planning and programming are in architecture since most people just focus on the aesthetics of a building. 

Design is one of the aspects that can be easily under-budgeted, but RBB Architects ensures that resources for the planning, programming, and design of a project are all allocated fairly. Having been around since 1952, this firm has completed over ten thousand projects worldwide. This includes projects under the scope of healthcare, higher education, and master planning projects. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive projects RBB Architects have completed, in and out of the world of healthcare architecture. 

RBB and Healthcare Architecture

RBB Architects sports a strong and diverse team, including professionals like Sylvia Botero who claims the titles AIA, ACHA, and LEED AP. Their team consists of thirty-nine members, each important in their own regard. One of this team’s most prominent projects is their work with UCLA: the Harbor UCLA Medical Center Inpatient Tower. It is currently in the design concept stage, but is scheduled to be built in Torrance, California. The sleek modern design is topped off with sea green glass windows which make up the outer shell of the building. 

On par with this project is the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center, a prestigious Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida. It is thought out in both its design and programming, as both are equally important in the world of healthcare architecture. Since these buildings are the structures that will hold patients, doctors, nurses, and other essential workers, it is unequivocally important that the layouts are easy to follow and understand. A thoughtfully designed interior and its exterior facade ensure a welcoming environment to all who enter and is supported by proper planning precautions. 

Liturgical Architecture

Although RBB Architects specializes in the field of healthcare architecture, they do not shy away from other projects. For example, their Cathedral design idea concept inspired by a Bishop’s miter stunning. Its lighting and structural elements are striking, evoking a holy space of worship. The structure is unique, clad in a double-wall with an exterior skin made up of parametrically modeled perforated stainless steel inspired by the lace mantilla women traditionally wear over their heads. 

The interiors are dynamic as well, for the inner wall is made up of multi-colored glass that shifts and reflects as the sun changes its path throughout the day. Seven steel arches support this double-wall system, seven being symbolic of the Seven Sacraments of the Church. This cathedral will function as a holy space to worship, but it will also serve as an architectural feat and destination for many. RBB Architects distinguish themselves in the field of architecture by having a specialty in which to excel, but they are not afraid to excel outside of their field.

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