How to Prevent Unwanted Pests Out of Your Garden?

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Having a garden at home gives you a place where you can entertain your guests or host events. Unfortunately, your garden can be a place where insects and rodents can thrive. These pests can get inside your house and wreak havoc to your living space.

The good thing is some ways can prevent those pests from entering your home.

Compost bin

Do you have a compost bin at home? Composting your yard waste can help you make fertilizer for your garden. Unfortunately, food can also attract mice. When there are mice, you can expect snakes.

That said, it’s ideal that you have a compost bin that you secure tightly using a locking lid. You may use a hardware cloth as your compost bin as it provides airflow to the compost while keeping rodents out.

Standing water in wet areas

They can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To reduce them, ensure that the water features are not completely shaded. You should also regularly clean them to prevent the eggs of mosquitoes to lay and hatch in those garden water features.

Inspect plants

If you are purchasing plants from a local home improvement, make sure that you’ve already inspected the plant before you even add it to your garden. It’s one way to introduce unwanted pests to your garden.

Some plant retailers do purchase stock from somewhere, and their plants might be contaminated with parasites.

Garden pests aren’t necessarily those creepy insects. Sometimes, they could be bacteria that could devastate your garden. Make sure that your plants are green and healthy all the time.

Apart from plants, you may also choose to purchase prepackaged soil. Although it makes your gardening chore simple, you may also introduce unwanted pests. Some of those prepackaged soils have dormant eggs or larva.

Thus, before you even purchase a prepackaged soil, make sure that you ask the vendors if they had past problems with the soil that they have.

Prevent Unwanted Pests Out of Your Garden


From time to time, you may need to trim your current plants, so they remain healthy. Most homeowners will just toss all debris on the ground. But it’s not a good idea. Instead, dispose of them before they start decomposing. Doing so will help you prevent pests from moving in.

And if you have dead trees, raccoons and critters may also live in the hollow portion of those trees. Don’t wait for those unwanted occupants to move in. Instead, call Your Way Tree Service for a safe and efficient way to remove those dead trees.

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