Personal Injury Lawyer in New York Recommends Doing this After a Truck Accident

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A staged car accident is a fraud scheme. Any driver can be a victim. People commit this crime to deceive auto insurance companies so they will receive compensation checks. If you think that your recent car accident is staged, make sure to contact our personal injury lawyer in New York City

This type of accident is a collision that another party orchestrates for their benefit. As mentioned, they do so to file an insurance claim.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York to Find Out if It’s a Staged Car Accident 

Sadly, many drivers throughout New York City have been a victim of this scheme. It’s a common way for other people to make money. 

Unfortunately, not all drivers are aware of the fraud. As a result, they just accept that they are the at-fault party. 

However, hiring a PI attorney will help in identifying signs of staged accidents. The lawyer can help you take the right action so you can avoid becoming the next victim of this type of fraud. 

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What Type of Staged Auto Accident are You In? 

There are a variety of scenarios. 

One scenario is the swoop and squat. It happens when another driver suddenly swoops in front of you and stops quickly. 

As the driver of the rear car, you will have no time to stop, resulting in your car crashing into the front car. Of course, at first sight, it would appear that you’re the at-fault party. But the PI attorney you hired will investigate further.

Another type of a staged auto accident is the drive down. 

In this scene, you try to merge in traffic. Another driver signals you can get into his/her lane. But when you start to change lanes, the other driver speeds up and causes an auto accident. The other driver blames you for changing lanes and merging in an unsafe manner. 

One obvious sign that an auto accident is staged is when a lot of people are involved, like private individuals, doctors, and body shops. They stage a crash and claim severe injury and damage to their car. Their accomplice doctors will produce inaccurate records to prove their injury claims. Furthermore, the body shop company will claim that the damage is extensive. 


Avoiding a Victim of a Staged Auto Accident Scam 

One of the ways to avoid this scam is to never tailgate. Although it’s not always possible to avoid these scammers, you’re likely to avoid a car crash if there’s enough space between you and other drivers. 

Another thing you can do is to avoid multitasking while you’re driving. If you text while you drive, for instance, you will miss a lot of signs that a staged car accident is about to occur. 

When you drive, always focus on the road. Don’t answer your phone or text. If you have to text someone or answer the call, you need to stop somewhere safe. 

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Helping you Prove Your Side

If you believe that you’re a victim of a staged car accident, you need to speak up. Call a personal injury lawyer in New York City to see how you can get the justice that you deserve. For a consultation, please call 1-800-660-2264

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