Non Woven Manufacturer Offering Unique Solutions for Various Markets

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Non-wovens can be used in various applications. These days, they are applied to the roof as part of waterproofing, bonding, or reinforcement. But these fabrics aren’t only used by the roofing industry. Several industries rely on this fabric for different projects. And when they need high-quality non-wovens, the right non-woven manufacturer, like Pacific Upholstery Supply, can provide them. 

The Non-Woven Manufacturer That Supports a Variety of Markets

Modern manufacturers rely on various fabrics, especially non-wovens. Where are they being used? Here are some applications that non-wovens become vital: 

  • Bedding or mattress construction 
  • Furniture construction
  • Air filtration 
  • Protective packaging
  • Roofing
  • Food processing
  • Erosion control 
  • Landscape 

Pacific Upholstery Supply doesn’t only offer its non-wovens for these applications. Rather, it also carries fabrics for the automatic industry. Pacific also partners with companies in the clothing and healthcare industries. To produce and develop its textiles, Pacific uses highly developed techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

Non-Woven Supplier for Los Angeles Companies 

One of the issues of many Los Angeles companies that rely on non-wovens is sourcing raw materials. Many non-woven manufacturers focus on consumer products. Only a few are producing fabrics for the industries. Then, if the non-woven manufacturers produce industrial-grade materials, they often charge their customers exorbitantly. If not, they would compromise on their products. And this is where Pacific Upholstery Supply stands out. For more than 70 years in the business, the company only provides the best solutions for various industries without compromising on the quality of every service and product. This is one reason companies in Los Angeles rely on the business of this non-woven manufacturer, allowing Pacific Upholstery Supply to thrive in the industry for more than 7 decades. 

The Longevity of Pacific Upholstery Supply 

When a company survives in a competitive industry for more than 70 years, it must be doing something right. Since 1946, Pacific Upholstery Supply has been offering its clients high-quality accessories and textiles for various industries for different applications. The company doesn’t just focus on providing superior materials and solutions to its customers but it also ensures it maintains healthy, long-term relationships with clients.

Client Satisfaction 

The main priority of Pacific is always the satisfaction of every client. And to ensure that its clients are happy, it only creates the best products so the clients can use them to create their best work for their customers. It has been this way since its inception. It works hard each day to develop a long-term relationship with its growing base of loyal clients. To further ensure that clients are happy, Pacific offers value-added services, including conversion. With converting services, for instance, clients don’t need another provider to perforate or laminate the fabric. Pacific Upholstery Supply can provide it for them. 

To learn more about the products and value-added services of this non-woven manufacturer, please call (323) 321-2222.

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