More Than Credit Consulting in Los Angeles

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Do you require legal services but don’t want to have to pay for a high-powered attorney? Have you or someone in your home felt ill but not so sick that you have to go to the doctor’s office? We can help. Yes, we understand that our company is called “Credit Pros,” but, we offer so much more than just credit consulting in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Here, you can find other services that can help your health and your life in multiple positive ways.

Rocket Lawyer

Recently, we began offering Rocket Lawyer services. Perhaps the best thing about them is that you don’t have to work with a specific “lawyer.” Instead, you’ll be able to utilize lawyer-designed documents and services to take care of the legal obligations in your life. Rocket Lawyer is perfect if you have to draw up a living will, a divorce settlement, an authorization for child care, a non-disclosure agreement, an eviction notice, a lease agreement, and plenty of other critically important forms of documentation. Experienced attorneys designed all of these documents so that folks like you can have more choices when it comes to legal documentation.

Read more about credit consulting in Los Angeles at Credit Pros LA.

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