Medical Architecture Firms Adding Plants to Designs

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RBB Inc. is one of the medical architecture firms known to add greenery and natural light to its design. It’s been well-studied that space with plants can be beneficial for those who occupy it. 

No one can refute how greenery affects employees’ health and productivity. The positive effects of plants continue to be seen even after years of adding them. 

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Why Medicare Architecture Firms Add Plans to the Buildings They Design? 

Greenery can offer health benefits to those who occupy the building. It improves productivity for one. Most employees in a healthcare facility are physically at work but they easily zone out. But this issue can be reduced by just adding greenery in the office. 

Not present in the moment can cost US employers billions of dollars every year. When their employees are mentally checked out, they can’t do their jobs properly. But when adding indoor plants in the facility, they can reduce headaches, fatigue, and anxiety, as well as overall stress. 

Having Natural Light is Good for the Health 

In addition to adding plants in the building, natural light is also beneficial. More and more buildings now have natural lights because of their health benefits. 

Some studies showed that students in a classroom that has more natural light have scored higher on tests than those students who took an exam in the same school district but without the natural light. 

By providing direct lines of sight to the windows from workstations, employees will be more productive. That’s why incorporating nature into the building is vital nowadays. 

Better ROI 

There are also studies about the link between higher productivity among employees and healthy buildings. Their absenteeism is greatly reduced if they are working in a building that has some greenery in it. 

Having a healthy building is now being embraced by many real estate professionals. Although there’s a high upfront cost for it, the better ROI can easily outweigh these costs. 

But types of plants to use? There are plenty of them to choose from. But there are specific plants out there that can perform certain tasks. For instance, you can find plants that can help in eliminating toxins from the air. 

What if the healthcare building is in an urban area, which is low on green space? The surfaces in this area can easily absorb heat and it won’t release the heat well. But this can be alleviated with the use of vegetation. It makes a building more comfortable. 

You may plant deciduous trees to provide cooling effects onto the building. It’s especially true if the trees offer shade to the windows and part of the roof. 

A green roof is also a great method to cool down the heat. That’s why rooftop gardens are a hit. These gardens lower temperatures of roof surfaces. They can also help in managing stormwater. 
As one of the medical architecture firms in LA, RBB Inc. knows how to make your building to have greener space. Talk to us by calling (310) 473-3555.

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