Masterplans Architecture Firm’s Take on Automation: Will It Destroy Architecture?

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You might have heard about self-automation in the car manufacturing community. Automation is indeed our future. But should other professions be worried about being replaced by robots? How does a masterplan architecture firm feel about it? 

If you’re working as an architect, you might be worried about being replaced by robots. You might wonder if your profession remains relevant in the future as other areas have been erased because of technology. 

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Will Automation Erase Masterplan Architecture Firm

There’s a pressure that technology is placing in every industry. We see a lot of improvements in our daily lives because of technology. 

But not all jobs can be automated with the current technology. That said, architecture can’t be replaced by robots. However, certain job tasks can be automated. 

In that case, the architecture firm won’t be obsolete. But the facade will be a lot different now than it will be years from now. 

No robots can ever replace architects. But it doesn’t mean that architects are irreplaceable. Keep in mind that most professions now have 30% of the activities that could be easily automated. In that case, most professions may change but they may not be automated right away. 

In that case, the job of an architect can’t be replaced. It won’t be eliminated. Business owners and investors will still hire architects. But their job will be enhanced through the use of advancing technology. 

Design Can’t Be Automated Easily 

It’s one of the most difficult tasks but it’s not easy to automate it. Keep in mind that architects are using various factors to take into account when designing a building. 

But AI can still play a huge role in design. It can be used as a powerful tool to help architects in creating a good design. However, AI can’t replace architects per se. 

However, reviewing the building construction can be automated. Cameras can be set up on sites to record the progress. Then, the captured photos can be used to cross-reference to the building design model to find any inconsistencies. 

Planning can be automated but not fully. It involves a lot of code research, admin tasks, and site analysis. It is something that robots can do. Many years from now, this portion of architecture design can be automated. 

Automating the master plan is also possible. But not entirely. It still needs the input of various architects to come up with a great design and plan. 

Advanced automation in architecture may happen 30 years from now. However, it still depends on the type of technology is created. It may still be a distant future to see robots replacing some of the architecture tasks. It is still something to look forward to. 

Here at RBB Inc., we welcome any innovation that comes our way. We can’t fight the future of automation. It may affect the architecture industry per se. However, it will not replace it entirely. A building design still requires the input of a human architect to make it the best building. 
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