Either Get a License or Register it with Transport Canada

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Before you can operate a pleasure craft, you need to either get a license or register it with Transport Canada to assure you nothing more but the best. However, if you have a commercial vessel, then it must be registered. But if your boat falls into the exempted classes of vessels, then registration isn’t a requirement.

Transport Canada

Boat license

Compared with a vessel registration, a shipping license is a document. It has a unique number that serves as an ID for the boat. This number is vital during an emergency as rescue personnel can easily access important details about the craft. Just like boat registration, there’s a fee for getting this license. Every pleasure craft has a pleasure craft license. But there’s exemption. Boat with less than 7.5 kW must not be licensed. Furthermore, if your boat has a vessel registration Canada already, then a license is no longer a requirement. When applying for a boat license, you can apply for it through our service. Our forms include a license for new pleasure craft. We also process the transfer of license, duplicate license and update license.

Boat registration with Transport Canada

Fees are required when registering your craft, just like licensing it. A registered boat has interior markings of the official number and registered tonnage. Its exterior marketings have the vessel’s name and its port of registry. Boat registration is a requirement if you’re getting a marine mortgage. To get the registration for your vessel, you’ll have to register your craft with the Canadian Register of Vessels.

Although not all pleasure craft is required to be registered, a commercial vessel must be registered. The registration applies to all boats of all sizes and types. But registration is a requirement for vessels that are over 15 gross tonnes and are used for commercial purposes. It’s also a requirement for marine mortgages and if you’re traveling outside of the country for an extended period.  Small boats can apply for registration if it’s less than 15 gross tonnes and is used commercially. And it must have motors of 10 horsepower.

However, small vessel registration isn’t a requirement if the boat doesn’t have a mortgage or the owner doesn’t want to register it with an official name. It’s also not required if the vessel won’t travel in the international water. Boat registration and license can be easily obtained through their online service at https://canadianvesselregistry.ca/.  Their process is secure, and they can assure you that all your details are kept confidential.

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