Invisalign in the Valley

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Invisalign in the Valley

Invisalign in the Valley  Invisalign is a revolution in orthodontics. They clear aligners offer a powerful way to straighten your teeth without having to endure those ugly brackets. When you wear customized aligners, they’ll shift your teeth, gradually, into their correct position. Teeth alignment correction is not just cosmetic but also vital for your overall health. Unlike other retainers, Invisalign can offer you the best of both worlds. They’re comfortable and efficient in straightening your teeth with invisible appearance.

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Is it the right method for you?

During the initial phase, her orthodontics will examine your teeth and entire mouth. If this treatment is the right one for you, all questions and concerns will be addressed by the Invisalign in the Valley expert, Dr. Bita Group of Orthodontics. When you’re ready to proceed, all x-rays and impressions needed are carried out. In this way, her orthodontics can customize a treatment plan. With the use of the individual treatment plan, the Invisalign in the Valley team will create the clear aligners for you. To get the most of this treatment, you’ll have to wear the aligners every day. Unlike the traditional braces, these clear aligners will let you take them out when you eat, brush and floss. Then, there are no food restrictions. Replacing your aligners is necessary, and it’s done every two weeks, or as recommended based on your condition. You’ll also need to meet Dr. Bita every six weeks or so, depending on your progress.


Why choose Invisalign?

One of the main reasons our patients opt for these clear aligners is that they’re virtually invisible. They’re not like the metal brackets and wires that look hideous. Furthermore, they’re customized to fit your mouth and teeth. That said, they can eliminate any discomfort and irritation. Those who have worn metal brackets and wires know how painful it is to have them in their mouth. They had to endure mouth sores and other bite problems. But with Invisalign, you will never have to go through all of these.


What’s the cost?

The average cost can be between $4,500 and $8,000. But the total price will depend on the level of treatment. Although it looks more expensive than conventional braces, the overall price is the same. As an Invisalign in the Valley provider, we can offer you several financing options that best fit your needs. To schedule an appointment, please contact our Invisalign dentist today:


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