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There’s an old cliché about the restaurant business: “never trust a skinny chef.” It’s hard to take advice from someone who doesn’t follow it themselves. When someone offers you some kind of advice, it’s normal to think: “is this person actually following this advice?” That’s particularly true when it comes to money. There are so many financial advisors on TV and online who have all different kinds of investment advice, but the one thing you can never be sure about is their own investments. It’s different at the Chartist. Their investment advisor invests his money alongside yours.

Investment Advisor “Walking the Walk”

They know how important your money is to you. They would never suggest that you invest in something they themselves would be hesitant about investing in. The goal of The Chartist isn’t to make money off of their subscribers; rather it’s to offer sound financial advice to those who want to invest alongside them. They started this newsletter fifty years ago. In that time, they have managed to make quite a lot of profits for themselves as well as those who invested with them. There’s no sign of slowing down, either. They’ll be offering investment advice for a long time to come.

Transparent Track Record

They don’t really hide anything at the Chartist. You can see how their investments are doing right on their site. Moreover, you can see how their investments have done in the past, too. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll have access to all of their archived newsletters and hotlines, too. There, you can see for yourself all the decisions they made as well as why they made them. Instead of pushing their readers away, they bring them in to show them everything they’re doing and why. Honesty is a critical part of their business models.

actual cash account

Recommendations and Real Money

In their monthly Mutual Fund ETF Letter, you’ll find a printout of all of the funds that are in their Actual Cash Account. If you look at it closely, you’ll see how much they paid, when they purchased it, how much they invested and the current price. Of course, you’ll also be able to see the loss or gain in both dollars and percentages. They make sure their process is this transparent for a reason: you’ll never have any question about how their advice is doing. You’ll be able to see with your own eyes. The more they disclose to their readers, the better.

Proven Methods

“Buy high, sell higher” and “no hypotheticals” are just a few of the solid ideas they’ve built their company upon. Words like “maybe you invest in this” or “have you thought about” don’t really have a place in what they do. When they tell you something, they put their own money behind it, real money. That’s both their investment strategy and their promise to you. To sign up or to learn more, you can go to their site or you could give them a call at (800) 942-4278.

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