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Language barriers are one of the issues that many companies around the world are facing. Metaphrasis, interpretation services, can be of assistance. They understand that your business has unique needs. Metaphrasis offers the solutions that you require to improve language access at every step of your business. 

When conducting a training seminar, it might be best for you to offer a professional interpreting service, especially if you are a multi-language company. When your employees are speaking different languages, you can train them without canceling the benefits of a unified training seminar. 

Professional Interpretation Services for Training Seminars

By hiring a professional interpretation service, you can easily train your employees all at once. It does not matter what language they speak. 

By getting a professional interpreter, you can keep your training consistent. It also ensures that your employees will get the same information. 

Saving Time 

When conducting seminars, hiring an interpretation company will help you save time as it eliminates the necessity for having an individual training session. 

It lets you focus more on your business. As soon as the training is complete, your employees can start applying what they have learned from the seminar. 

As you have saved time, you are also saving money on training. You can also devote more time to have profitable work. 

Even if your employees are bilingual, they might not be experts in their fields. Our professional interpreters, on the other hand, are fluent in their native tongue and desired foreign language. They are also knowledgeable about the industries they are working in. 

Furthermore, our professional services can protect your business from any legal issues. Some of your bilingual employees might interpret a training session in a different way that causes the other employees to get hurt. 

The injured party might hold you responsible for not providing them with accurate training through the use of a professional interpreter. 

Thus, save yourself from trouble and employ a professional interpretation service today. 

For your training session, Metraphrasis offers simultaneous interpreting services. It means that you will get real-time interpretation as the speaker speaks. It is more efficient this way. 

It is less disruptive throughout the training session. Their interpreters can listen to the speaker and interpret what he is speaking to the participants through audio equipment. 

Trust Only the Professional Interpretation Service

Regardless of the size of your seminar or company, professional interpretation can provide consistent training. Metaphrasis can help you create a unified workforce that speaks multiple languages. 

To help you get started with their services, contact them so they can tailor a plan for you. Metaphrasis offers different services, like on-site interpretation, video remote interpretation, and telephone interpretation services, among others. 

Metaphrasis also offers American sign language service. It is a type of service designed for hearing-impaired individuals. 

Metaphrasis’ ensures that their professionals are trained ASL interpreters. They also offer document translation. When you work with Metaphrasis, you can have access to a wide network of certified language professional interpreters. 

To learn more about interpretation services for your business, contact Metaphrasis at (815) 464–1423

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