Importing A Vessel Into Canada is Simple When Knowing How To

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Some individuals might have purchased a boat in the US, but they want to bring it back home to Canada. In this post, we’ll help you navigate through the process. We aim to explain some confusing information that you may find online.

Importing a vessel into Canada is very simple when knowing how to do it, there are many ways to do it such as boat trucking can be an option. But make sure the firm can handle border crossing. Whether you import it by land or sea, it’s vital to know that your vessel is subject to extreme investigation by the Canada Custom. As the boat owner, you’re obligated to report the boat in Canada when it arrives. As soon as the boat was secured, you must call Canada Customs and let it know that you’ve re-entered the country and you wanted to import your vessel.

Importing A Vessel Into Canada

During the inspection, you must show the rep of Customs your bill of sale. You also need to present deletion from documentation from the previous owner. The fees will depend on the size and type of your boat. If you bought your boat in the US, it’s most likely that it’s documented. Before you can import the vessel to Canada, you must process the Deletion from Documentation. The overall process is simple. You just need to fill out our form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You should expect that the Canada Customs would inspect your vessel while importing it to the Canadian port. That said, make sure that the ship’s registration numbers are ready. After all paperwork is ready, make sure that you register or license your vessel to Transport Canada. Registration is a requirement if your vessel has a 10hP engine. Commercial vessels must be registered.

Registration is like a title system. It’s a form of vessel ownership. the fee for first-time registration is more than $500. At Canadian Vessel Registry Center, they accept credit card payments. When applying for registration, you must fill out the application for first-time registration which you may find at You also need to submit a statement of qualification. In this way, Transport Canada can prove that you’re indeed the registered owner of the vessel.

Since the vessel is imported from another country, you must present a notarized bill of sale from the last foreign owner. You also must submit a proof of the ship’s international registry and free of all encumbrances through a deletion certificate

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