How To Deal With Anxiety With Sound Therapy

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Anxiety is something that seems to run rampant through society today. We all feel anxious at different times in our lives, and you can sense that “fight or flight” reflex starts to kick in when anxious moments surround you. Problems worsen when individuals suffer from severe anxiety that inhibits them from experiencing life as they should. These individuals may feel constantly restless, nervous and tense, suffer from insomnia, and feel a host of physical and psychological effects. For some, severe anxiety can lead to issues of depression or even substance abuse, where abuse takes place to dull the anxious feelings. There are various treatments available for anxiety, including the use of sound therapy healing.

Getting Calmer through Sound

Sound therapy is a unique way to use sounds to help bring calm into your life.  Using sound waves, the body is brought back into its natural rhythm to restore balance in your life. The sounds use help to synchronize your brainwaves and bring your mind and body back to a relaxed state where healing can begin to occur. When this is combined with regulated breathing, you will find that the sound can shift you to a greater sense of peace and equilibrium.

What Sound Therapy is Like

Sound therapy healing is a unique experience. It is both a conscious, participatory experience and a passive one at the same time. Through laying down, relaxing, and practicing rhythmic breathing to slow down your breaths, your body prepares itself for the sound therapy. Your body becomes acutely aware of each sound you hear during the therapy as your body is brought into greater harmony, so you feel less stress and anxiety.

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Exploring Some of Your Therapy Options

Sound therapy healing is just one of the many therapeutic approaches that Iris Healing Retreat can take. Their retreat, located in a tranquil spot in Woodland Hills, can be the ideal location for you to come to receive the care you need that can help you heal and grow. To find out more about Iris Healing Retreat, explore the pages on their website. If you have an inquiry or would like to ask them questions, you can send them a message using their online contact form on their website or email them You may also call them at (844)663-4747 for more information or to arrange to come in for treatment.

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