Hotel Lotion Is Only One of the Things We Can Offer You

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When you make the decision to turn your hotel into a more environmentally sound building, one of the first things that you will be looking at is the amount of plastic waste that is created by bathroom amenities. We know that our hotel owner customers often spend a significant portion of their budget on the purchasing and discarding of plastic bottles containing soaps, shampoos and branded hotel lotion. These amenities often come in very small, single use bottles, but the amount of plastic waste that they create can require the hiring of additional trucks to haul away all of your refuse. We can provide you with a much better range of options.

Hotel Lotion Is Only One of the Things We Can Offer You

Environmentally Sound Liquids

The first thing that you can do when adding greener elements to your hotel is to make use of environmentally sound amenities including soaps and lotions. Most low-cost products are made using small plastic contaminants, which are then washed out into the environment. Rather than making use of these unattractive products, we can offer you a range of environmentally sound amenities, with products that are made purely from natural ingredients such as the Paya range made from papaya. The soaps and liquids are all biodegradable with no harmful ingredients.

Dispensing Your Amenities

You will also want to ensure that you can provide your customers with the amenities that they would expect from a hotel or boarding house. You can cut back on plastic waste by making use of soap dispensers, which are made from natural products that significantly reduce your plastic bottle waste. The dispensers don’t have to be filled up every day, so this means that your housekeepers waste less time in clearing up bottles and adding new ones, and this means that they can do more around your hotel.

Significantly Cut Your Bills

By making use of environmentally sound products, you can significantly reduce the amenity costs of soaps and hotel lotion products. Some hotels can cut back on their costs by as much as 70 percent, or nearly 3/4 of your amenity bill. This represents massive savings to the business, and can also improve your green ratings with travelers. You can take steps today to ensure that you cut back on your plastic bottle waste and save money by making use of their liquid dispensers. To begin the purchase and installation of these devices, speak to their team today by calling (800)224-4228.

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