Healthcare Architecture to Make On-Site Oases

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Garden spaces used to be part of healthcare facilities. But as technology and science advanced, hospitals changed their setup. As a result, only a few of them have garden space. But because of the increasing studies about nature’s benefits to human health, healthcare architecture has shifted again. 

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Healthcare Architecture Offers Relaxing Environment for Patients 

More and more hospitals are now creating relaxing environments for their patients, staff, and visitors. They understood the therapeutic benefits of nature. But because of the limited space, the green areas are placed above ground level on many terraces and hospital roofs. 

If you have been hospitalized in a facility with no green spaces, you would feel like a prisoner. Instead of feeling better, you would feel worse because you couldn’t see the outside world. As a result, your hospital stay would be longer. 

However, you are not alone in this type of situation. Many patients extended their stay in the hospital because the environment doesn’t encourage them to feel better. 

But this has changed dramatically as more and more healthcare architectures are embracing nature as part of their building design. They understand that having gardens, for instance, can help in reducing the stress being felt by the patients and their loved ones. 

Having roof gardens is now becoming a trend in many hospitals in LA. They can provide healing to patients, visitors, and staff as they give natural light and fresh air. 

Furthermore, the gardens allow patients to move in the garden and breathe fresh air after being confined in a room for a day. 

When you visit modern hospitals in LA, most of them have trees that are over 18 feet high. These trees are beneficial in providing shade and beauty. 

You can also find hospitals with foot space covered with flowers and shrubs. Patients and visitors can smell, touch, and feel those plants. You may consider it as a playground. However, this place is created to improve the healing abilities of the patients. It also encourages meditation and decompression. 

Hospitals should not be a place to feel worse. Instead, patients must feel better. And the therapeutic benefits of nature can play a huge role in making patients’ hospital stay shorter. 

Having a tranquil environment can lead to a lot of health benefits. When patients see those plants and herbs, they think that they’re in oases. That kind of mindset will affect their overall well-being, which also impacts how they recuperate. 

But roof gardens are not just for patients but they are also vital to staff. These gardens allow staff to visit the garden to de-stress. They can sit there while they’re taking a break.

A garden is a place for them to get away from the facility’s noise. It is a calming place where they relax so when they go back to their duty, they can work more efficiently and productively. 
There are so many benefits of installing roof gardens in a healthcare facility. Our healthcare architecture service at RBB Inc. aims toward creating a design that offers a comforting place for patients, visitors, and staff. Give us a call today to know more about our projects: (310) 473-3555.

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