Healthcare Architects in Los Angeles Recommend Having Windows in Hospitals

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Hospital confinement may sometimes feel that you’re in jail. Some people would even consider it as worse than being imprisoned. Why? Because most hospitals don’t have windows. And this is the reason many healthcare architects in Los Angeles are urging hospitals to add windows to their rooms. 

The good thing is that more and more hospitals are now heeding to this advice. The best practice now is to add windows to all rooms to add natural light and ventilation. 

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Healthcare Architects in Los Angeles on Not Having Windows 

Rooms without windows must be transformed into storage. They should not be used by patients. However, it’s still a design challenge for many hospitals. Thankfully, many architects now are finding ways to overcome such challenges. 

Many hospitals are now embracing eco-friendly features, including the addition of windows. By adding windows to rooms, you’re letting the sun in. Keep in mind that sunshine can help in a patient’s recuperation. 

Several studies showed that patients who had sunshine exposure while being admitted to a hospital have shorter stays than those without sun exposure. Sunshine has medical benefits. That’s why you need to receive enough natural light to help you recuperate. 

One of the reasons sunlight exposure can help in a patient’s recovery is that some pathogens can’t survive when exposed to the sun. That’s why most patients with direct sunlight are discharged earlier. 

With windows, fresh air can circulate in the room now and again. Although there’s air conditioning, opening the windows and allowing natural light in can help in flushing out harmful bacteria. 

Apart from having windows in rooms, hospitals must also add landscape outdoor garden. Ideally, it has to be on every floor. Having an outdoor garden also offers health benefits. It improves patients’ feelings of control. 

This garden can help patients in removing their fears and disorientation. These two factors are known to hinder medical treatment. With a garden, hospitals can be seen as a stress-free environment and not a jail. 

When patients interact with the natural environment while in the hospital, they can improve their feeling of well-being. And this has a great effect on their physical health. Some studies also show that interacting with nature can improve blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps in reducing stress. 

Rooms should not only have windows but they must have a direct view of the garden. As mentioned, this type of setting will improve the well-being of the patient. 

RBB Architects, Inc. Prioritizes Environment Health 

With so many benefits of a natural environment to hospitals, RBB Architects, Inc, aims to offer a design that prioritizes environmental health. The design emphasizes on improving patients’ condition and boosting the productivity of hospital staff. 

Hospitals should not feel like patients are in prison. Instead, patients must feel that they are on vacation. It can improve their well-being and boost their feeling of control while staying in the hospital. 

To know more about how our healthcare architects in Los Angeles can help you design your healthcare projects, please contact us at (310) 473-3555. 

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