Green Tea Extract Caffeine: Part of a Coffee Alternative

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Supplements containing green tea extract caffeine can be an effective alternative for folks who need their rush of energy but have tired of coffee. It can feel like coffee runs our world. There is coffee, quite literally, everywhere you look or go. There’s a reason that many people have remarked how, if you step out of a coffee shop and look around, you will probably be able to see another coffee shop in your field of vision. As much energy as coffee can provide, it has its downsides as well. That’s why Atomic Energy supplements make a great substitute: they give you the energy with none of the negative effects.

Green Tea Extract Caffeine

Green Tea Extract Caffeine: the Basics

Green tea extract caffeine really does have some caffeine in it. The general line of thinking is that it contains somewhere around two to four percent caffeine. That’s a boost, but it’s not an enormous amount. That’s why Atomic Energy uses two separate forms: to give you the most energy. It combines green tea extract with organic green coffee bean powder. These two “green” sources add up to one truly organic and natural way of acquiring and using energy all day long.

Energy Supplements without the “Jitters”

Maybe the best part about using supplements containing green tea extract caffeine is that you get all of the energy benefits of caffeine without any of the “jitters.” You know the jitters if you’ve ever had that one extra cup of coffee because you need just a little bit more energy to do whatever the next task on your list is. Your fingers shake, maybe your foot taps faster and more than you’re used to. Some people pace, back and forth. The worst part of the jitters is that they can make it difficult to focus. Ironically, they can make it harder to do the one thing you drank the coffee to do. That won’t happen with these green tea products.

Energy Supplements sans Crash

The only thing worse than the jitters with drinking too much coffee is the crash. The dreaded crash has ruined so many days at work, at school, or anywhere where a person has tried to be productive. The crash comes in the middle of the day typically, when the caffeine has finally truly worn off. All of a sudden, you have no energy and are beyond the ability to focus on anything. That’s what makes these supplements so great: you’ll never crash; you maintain a consistent level of energy all day long.

Supplements for Energy and More

Formula168 uses green tea in a variety of products because it gives both mental acuity and physical energy. Atomic Energy is able to harness the caffeine in this substance to give the user a lasting energy that never overwhelms their body, but augments it. You can call (855)-981-6888 to find out more about this, or you can try Atomic Energy or Quantum Focus at the Formula168 site to see this green tea extract caffeine for yourself.


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