Develop a Stronger Relationship Through Cross-Cultural Therapy

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We live in a very diverse world today. Our lives are intermingled with different cultures and beliefs everywhere we go. You likely work with people of varying beliefs and customs, and you may even find yourself forming friendships or romantic relationships with someone from a very different background than your own. Getting involved in a romantic relationship with someone that is of a different race, religion, or culture can bring its own set of challenges to both parties involved, and each person may have difficulty understanding where the disconnects lie and why they exist. At Grazel Garcia Therapy, they can help you form a stronger relationship through the use of cross-cultural therapy.

A Cultural Effect on Human Behavior

Many therapeutic approaches from psychologists, marriage therapists and the like may only consider how a relationship impacts human behavior. The cross-cultural therapy approach focuses on the importance of cultural backgrounds and understandings and how it can affect the behavior of a person and a relationship. Comparing traits across the cultures of the individuals involved allows each party to see the differences that may exist as well as how those differences can impact the way each person communicates and relates. Through these understandings, couples can learn to communicate better and form stronger, happier bonds with one another.

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Special Insight into Therapy

At Grazel Garcia Therapy, when you work with Ms. Garcia directly, you can take part in cross-cultural therapy and see how helpful it can be to your relationship. Grazel herself comes from a diverse cultural background and has insight into oppression and how an individual can feel marginalized in the world. Her understanding allows her to take an approach that many other licensed therapists may have difficulty with. You may find that you can significantly benefit from her insights and strategies, allowing you to see your relationship in a new light and achieve a level of security you may not have been able to reach before.

Make a Therapy Appointment

Learning more about cross-cultural therapy and how it can benefit your current relationship can be an essential step for you and your partner. If you are seeking couples’ therapy that involves this type of approach, please feel free to contact Grazel Garcia Therapy. You can call their office at (323) 487-9003 so that you can book an initial session with Ms. Garcia and discuss the problems you are facing in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. You will learn just how therapy with Grazel Garcia can be just what you needed in your life to bring you and your partner closer together. Have the bond that can create a long-lasting relationship for you and your partner.

Alternatively, if you have questions or would like some more information about how Grazel Garcia can help you and your partner before booking a session, you can send them an email at and the staff will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you the best they can.

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