Deal With Anxiety: How to

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You may have been dealing with anxiety your entire life. But, have you really been dealing with it? Have you learned ways to attempt to prevent and to cope with it? It’s okay if you haven’t because there’s never a bad time to learn how to treat your anxiety. Learning the skills to handle your anxiety is a labor of love, patience and not being so hard on yourself. One of the first ways of having a handle on your anxiety can come through learning a little yoga. There have been plenty of articles written and studies done that prove that exercise is the go-to method to reduce anxiety. However, it’s entirely understandable if the last thing you want to do it set foot in a gym and get sweaty with heart-racing exercise. If that doesn’t sound appealing, yoga might work better for you. Yoga can help you increase your level of stress tolerance and learn how to build better stress management. The best part is, it’s an easy activity that can be done at home.

Create a Healthy Routine!

Another great way of dealing with anxiety is to create a healthy routine. Anxiety thrives on your poor sleep, bad eating habits, inactivity, and other unhealthy factors. You don’t have to make a laundry list of health improvements to work on either. Just find one thing to do a day for an entire week that is a healthy habit. This could mean taking your dog for a daily walk, drinking 10 glasses of water or cutting out that candy bar you usually eat. Having healthy habits can only lead to a better adjusted and healthier mind. If you can control those small factors in your life, it can lead you to feel more in control of all the aspects in your life, and help to alleviate your anxiety. A further way of understanding how to deal with your anxiety is to learn how it manifests to you. Not everyone has the same physical and emotional symptoms when their anxiety rears its ugly head. Being able to pinpoint your mental and physical reactions to your own anxiety can go a long way in heading it off and proactively working to lessen it. 

Embrace it!

Dealing With Anxiety

A further way of proactively dealing with anxiety is to accept it as part of your life. Being able to embrace the fact that you deal with anxiety will also help you harness and control it. If you understand that you are not a victim to your anxiety you can find ways of proactively controlling it and moving forward with your life. There is obviously not one size that fits all approach to treating and managing your anxiety. Sometimes our anxiety spirals out of control or feels to big to manage. It’s okay to seek help and it can only benefit you to move to get better and handle you anxiety. Sometimes your best treatment is via therapy with someone who can listen and give you their thoughts. If you are interested in learning more about therapy that could benefit you, please reach out to the So Psyched team to discuss your options.

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