Crimes in LA: Why Your Family Safety is More Important Than Ever

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Have you considered how important family safety is, now more than ever? These days, our concerns about the safety of our families are unusually high. Many of us now take precautions to make sure that our families are always safe avoiding crimes. If you can teach your family members how to stay safe at home, at work, in school, and online, they will be better equipped against criminals.


Crime statistics in LA

According to a USC report, gun violence this year has increased at an alarming rate in Los Angeles. In the first 2 months of 2021, LAPD officers have received approximately 570 reports of shots fired. This number is 88% higher than last year, which only had 303 reports during the same time frame. Of those fired gunshots, 267 people got hit, which is an increase of 141% from only 111 people hit in the same time frame last year.


Homicides have also increased in Los Angeles. Through the 27th of February this year, 64 people have been killed in LA. This number has increased by 39% from only 46 homicides at the same time frame in 2020. The Deputy Chief of the LAPD stated that since the 13th of February, they have recorded an increase of 165% in shots fired and a spike of 358% in gunshot victims while at home, in their vehicles, or walking down the street. With all of these harrowing statistics, prioritizing your family’s safety by hiring XYZ security company becomes essential.


Why do you need to keep your family safe?

Based on the documented statistics by the LAPD, it seems like 2021 has started off on the “wrong foot.” In the first 2 weeks of this year, South Los Angeles alone already had 59 shooting incidents. The 68 shootings and 24 homicides recorded in the city during the first half of January were more than twice the number from the same time frame in 2020. Also, the number of shootings was the highest number in over 10 years!


The bloody start of 2021 is just a continuation of what ended in 2020. According to LAPD stats, homicides in the city spiked last year and the year-to-end total of homicide victims in the city was the highest in more than 10 years too. As always, the neighborhoods in Los Angeles that got hit the hardest with violent crime increases were predominantly Black, Latino, and poor people. By hiring a local private security company, you may increase your chances of keeping your family safe, which is of the utmost importance.


Danger at home too

The recent events happening around the world have awakened thoughts of concern, especially in terms of keeping your family safe. But some of the biggest threats to your safety are also close to home. Vehicular accidents, accidental poisoning, falls, choking, and drowning remain as leading causes of unintentional deaths in the US. So you need to practice vigilance no matter where you are. Since crimes in LA are on the rise and unexpected events can happen at home too, you should always focus on your family’s safety and keep them informed so they can protect themselves too.

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