Credit Repair in Los Angeles: Build, Grow, and Thrive

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Does it feel like your credit is holding you back from the life you would want to lead? Do you go through each daydreaming about what you could do if you had the credit you wanted? If you’re like so many who think exactly that, you may struggle to rebuild and repair your credit, despite all of your best efforts. At Credit Pros LA, we believe that everyone can take real, positive steps to improve their credit. That’s what our credit repair in Los Angeles is all about. We offer many programs to put you in charge of your credit.

Credit My Rent: Credit You Earn

For one, we don’t believe that it should be as difficult to build your credit as it is. After all, if you’re like so many of us, odds are that you’re paying rent. You pay your rent on time, reliably, month after month. Yet, you don’t receive the same credit-building that those who pay their mortgages do. We believe it’s time to do something about that. This is where our “Credit My Rent” program comes in. With this, you’ll get credit for paying your rent on time. You can even choose to credit your rent going back one or two years.

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