College Football Picks on QB Battles

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Illinois is leading the top college football picks. QB battles are rare headed in 2019. However, the five big teams, such as Maryland and Minnesota, are considered as the most vulnerable.

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One of the top teams with battles for their starting quarterback is Minnesota. Zack Annexstad is a projected starter. Last season Tanner Morgan and Zac split time to act as the first-team quarterback. But Morgan led the team to win four of the six games. Fleck gave Annexstad a full scholarship. He is the rising second-year student to win the job last year. However, because of injuries, he was forced to the sidelines for the majority of the year. Between the two players, Annexstad is better. He led the team to the Big Ten before he got hurt. Because of his skills, he might be Fleck’s center for the second year. Morgan, on the other hand, is a dual-threat. He must improve his arm strength and passing skills to win against the offense of Kirk Ciarrocca. However, if Morgan keeps on leading the team, Fleck might stick to the formula. Jacob Clark is also one of the top college football picks. He is a pocket passer. He has tossed 31 TDS with a 65 percent completion rate.


The team’s projected starter is Hunter Johnson. He is a five-star recruit. Formerly QB from Clemson, he becomes an eligible player. Last season he sat out because of transfer rules. However, even though he is the first-team starter, you must be wary. He is still inexperienced compared to TJ Green who played in six games last year.


Josh Jackson was announced to be transferred to Maryland. This spring, Jackson will graduate and becomes eligible for the 2019 season. Jackson tossed 20 TDs when he was still at Virginia Tech. In 2018, he suffered from a broken fibula. As a result, his playing time was limited. However, Jackson has a big threat — Tyrell Pigrome. Tyrell started the final two games of Maryland last season. He struggled as a passer but he turned out to be better on the run. M.J Rivers II of Illinois is a sophomore and a leading candidate. He appeared in 8 games last year. A dual-threat option, Rivers compiled a 104.8 rating in 2018. He tossed for more than 500 years and obtained 3 TDs.

Penn State

After Trace McSorley left, Penn State’s head coach might pick Tommy Stevens. Tommy is also a favorite in many college football picks. He is a rising senior. However, he will compete with the other 6 players. But among those players, Stevens must win the job. If you need updated college football picks, make sure to subscribe to Tony’s Picks daily updates. At Tony’s Picks, They give their audience regular picks to boost their chances of winning. Subscribe to many of their channels to all updates for college football picks. Tony’s Picks will give you expert advice on college football picks. Read their updates every day to give you some clues and better your game. Contact them at (888) 711-1185.


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